George   Christofi

Composer / Guitarist

Among the main constructive elements of Christofi’s music is the physical transformation of sound. On one, explicit level, this metamorphosis is mainly based on the direct timbral alteration of the sound achieved by the use of extended instrumental techniques; on another, implicit level, the manipulation of sound’s spectrum (spectral analysis) through harmonic material results in a harmony vs timbre equilibrium which also influences the formal structure of a work.

Christofi’s music reached audiences in more than 15 countries worldwide and been broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Festivals which hosted George’s music include:World Music Days 2018 (ISCM), Spontaneous Combustion New Music Festival, APNM Chamber Music Festival for the 21st Century, LondonEar Contemporary Music Festival, Seoul International Computer Music Festival, International Review of Composers, ‘Clarinet baix i electronica’ by PHONOS-FUNDACIÓ MÚSICA CONTEMPORÀNIA, International Music Festival Heidelberger, ‘Attention Musiques Fraîches !’ Festival, Pescara Fiera, Nuova Musica a Treviso, The Pharos Contemporary Music Festival, ECO Sound, Centro Culturale San Fedele among others.

During his U.K. residency had enjoyed a 6-year shortlisting by the London based artistic organisation Sound and Music (ex- SPNM: Society for the Promotion of New Music). Whilst studying Composition, Orchestration, Analysis, Stylistic Composition and Performance (Guitar), Christofi graduated at the University of Hull (B.Mus. First Class Honours) and was awarded a prize for his exceptionally high results and academic excellence. After a University Of York Scholarship he furthered his work in Composition  under the supervision of Thomas Simaku where he obtained his Masters (MA) with Distinction, and has gained a PhD, funded by the Vinson Award, The Sir Jack Lyons Research Grant and The A.G. Leventis Foundation Research Scholarship.

As a guitarist, he obtained his Masters in Performace with distinction from Hull University under the coaching of Rob Johns and Craig Ogden. He is also an LGSMD holder in Guitar Performance from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. George had the chance to actively participate in Masterclasses under the direction of David Russell, Hübert Käppel, Antigoni Goni, Aniello Desiderio and others. He is a founding member of the EGTA Cyprus Association and a member of the Cyprus Guitar Trio.

George had the opportunity to externally study with distinguished composers, such as Ferneyhough, Sciarrino, Hosokawa, Neuwith, Boesmans, Harvey among others, at various international artistic programmes where he was selected as a fellow in venues including: the Centre Acanthes (selected for three consecutive years in France and Belgium), Voix-Nouvelles Residency (Fondation Royaumont, Paris), Ircam Academy (Glasgow), Premio Niccolò Castiglioni (Centro Culturale San Fedele, Milano, Italy), the VICC Residency (Visby, Sweden) and others.

He is currently an Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition at the Department of Arts of the European University Cyprus and a Classical Guitar Instructor at the State's Music School.

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